Trent Flood warning – Retford area

Retford floods

Of course we all know about the severe problems with flooding in the north of England and Scotland, but flood warnings were also issued for parts of the River Trent last week, from Nottingham across to Lincoln.

Our storage facilities in Tuxford are situated away from any potential flood areas, but we were aware of concern in nearby areas, so we joined in the conversation on facebook and jumped in with an offer to hire out a storage container free of charge for 2 weeks, with a discounted rent if needed for a longer period, for anyone in Retford and surrounding villages, who may have been affected.

Here’s what we said on facebook about the floods:

Flood Help. Flood Help. Flood Help.
If you have been affected or are going to be affected by the Trent flooding.
I have 5 containers empty and available.
These are offered FREE OF CHARGE for two weeks.
This offer is open to people who live in Retford and the surrounding villages.
If you look like needing the space for longer speak to Matthew Ballard and a discounted rate can be agreed for an extended period.

We got a lot of likes and shares for this, so spread the word quite quickly. Fortunately, the predicted floods didn’t materialise last week, and we’re delighted that everyone stayed safe in their homes, and that our storage containers weren’t needed.

Flood alerts are still in place though, as you can see here, reported in the Lincolnshire Echo on Monday. so we’re still keeping an eye on things here.

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