Ballards become first aiders

Ballards team members learning first aid

Ballards are serious about staff training, to make sure that the whole team works efficiently and effectively.

Health and Safety is critical to a successful removals operation of course and we’re all well versed in safe manual handling techniques and avoiding trip hazards etc, as you’d expect.

Whilst we all hope we never need it an understanding of, and confidence in applying, basic first aid techniques is also useful to enable our staff to help each other and our customers in the event of accident or illness, so we recently had an Emergency First Aid training day for the team, here in Tuxford.

The training course was run by “How 2 Save a Life” a local company based in Retford and proved to be very educational as well as a great team building exercise, with various opportunities to practice the skills.

A removals team with certified first aiders

We’re all satisfied that we can provide help and support in emergency first aid situations, including for example:

  • Making a primary survey of a an injured person
  • Opening a casualty’s airway and checking breathing
  • Dealing with someone who is choking
  • Helping with minor cuts, grazes and bruises, splinters etc
  • Administering CPR
  • When to call for help

All part of the service at Ballards Removals!

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