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Ballards Removals first van

As a special treat for dad, Richard Ballard, we recently acquired a new (old) van, just like the one he started the business with, back in the late 1970’s.

This Ford Transit didn’t carry as much as our current range of specialised removals vehicles, but you’d be surprised what you could pack in, and Richard used this to start building the family business which we’re all proud to work in today.

The van you can see here has been equipped with signage, just like the old one and brought back a lot of happy memories for dad!

Moving with the times

Things change of course, and whilst we all like a bit of nostalgia, Ballards are always looking at our range of services and the way we deliver them, to make sure we’re meeting customer needs, which is why, in recent years, we’ve broadened our focus to include self-storage facilities and van hire. Whilst we are planning on keeping the transit, it won’t be available for hire, although we do have a range of modern vans available including a Ford Custom, probably the nearest equivalent today.

If you need to hire a van for a do-it-yourself move, check out the Van Hire section of our website.

And if you’d like to see some video on the 1970’s removal van, check out our facebook page.

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