Moving home in a heatwave – how to keep your cool

Thermometer - hot temperatures

What a fantastic summer we’re having so far, and over the last week in particular, temperatures have been soaring.

The Ballards home removals team are used to working in the heat, so we have some tips for you, to help make your moving experience as comfortable as possible.

10 tips for moving home in hot weather

  1. Where possible, for local moves particularly, try to arrange the move as early as possible in the day, before it gets too hot.
  2. Keep some essentials to hand. We always say this, but we’re specifically thinking about water and cold drinks at this time, as it’s essential to keep hydrated, otherwise you might lose energy or feel unwell. A cool box is a great thing at times like this.
  3. Make the most of any shade. You might be using your car for short trips here and there on moving day, and parked in the sun, cars get very hot really quickly, so where possible, try to park in a shady spot and be prepared to move it as the sun moves around.
  4. Have some sun-cream available – you might be surprised at the amount of time you tend to spend outside whilst moving house, so we recommend covering up.
  5. Make arrangements for your children and pets – always essential, but especially when it’s hot, they also need to be kept hydrated, happy and safe. Don’t forget your dog’s water bowl!
  6. Leave the heavy work to us. It can be hot, sweaty work, but we know how to handle things and are used to it – we do it every day.
  7. When you arrive at your new home, open the windows as soon as possible to let the air circulate around.
  8. Have your kettle handy. A cup of tea can be really refreshing in the heat and making tea creates a short breathing space. Your removal team will also thank you for a cuppa – it makes us work twice as fast!
  9. Pack some snacks that won’t go off in the heat. Everyone needs some food now and then, so pack some snacks like fruit, biscuits, health bars, nuts etc to nibble when you need them.
  10. Wear light, comfortable clothing and pack some things for your first night in your new home – you’ll probably really appreciate a shower and a change of clothes once all of the essential work has been done.

Here’s what people say about Ballards
“Throughout the moving process Ballards were extremely helpful and supportive. The initial ‘quotation’ visit and support from office staff, especially Rachael was excellent.
On moving days all of the ‘guys’ were superb; hard working, friendly and very professional-despite the heat!!
Thank-you everyone!”

If you haven’t arranged your house move yet, give Ballards a call and we’ll be happy to offer advice and a quote.

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