Why low cost removals isn’t better value: Our fees explained

Ballards Lorry

By Matt Ballard, Managing Director

Here at Ballards, we often get feedback from customers saying “You are double the cost of x, y, z removals – why is that?”

I often sit there and wonder “Well, how can we be double?” Our trucks cost the same as every other truck, we buy our fuel from the fuel station, the same as everyone else. We pay our team slightly above the average rate because we appreciate and respect our staff.

How can we be ‘double’ the cost of other ‘legitimate’ firms?

Well, I’ll explain the cost breakdown… 

  • Insurance: We have it – it is more than fit for purpose and without it, we’d be breaking the law or taking a ridiculous risk every time we do our job
  • Pensions: We pay them – just like everybody should
  • PAYE: No cash-in-hand jobs here, we pay our taxes and follow the law without fail
  • Full-time crew with guaranteed, respectable salaries: We don’t just grab an untrained mate from the pub, we’re all professionals
  • Training: And by that, we mean actual, certified training as well as training on the job
  • Equipment: We provide transit blankets, sofa covers, TV covers, mattress bags, floor protectors, wardrobe cartons – I could go on! We don’t just chuck a couple of old duvets and curtains in the van
  • Holiday: Our employees receive one month’s paid holiday per year

On top of all that, we are audited on a yearly basis and a member of respected trade associations. 

We are reviewed daily, by customers from all over the UK. We don’t pay people or give discounts in exchange for a good review and we’re not inflating our reviews by getting friends and family to post for us. 

We’re an established firm that’s been trusted for nearly 45 years. We take pride in what we do, which is why our family name is plastered all over our trucks. There is little doubt about who you are booking when you book Ballards.

With removals, you get what you pay for

I am sure there are a multitude of other reasons, but the above are those that first spring to my mind. A man and van service might be fine to move a few items (in fact, we do offer that service here at Ballards – and you can also hire a van plus boxes, blankets and other equipment to do it yourself), but for a complete house move, you need a professional service you can rely on. 

Everything can be planned and organised for you by our team and you can be sure that everything that’s collected from your old home will arrive safely at your new one.

You wouldn’t ask your mate to do your property survey just because he has a set of ladders. Why ask your mate to move you just because he has a van?

Wherever you’re moving to, trust the specialists, Ballards Removals for a stress-free, reliable move – you can’t put a value on that.

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