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The Ballards family

Find out what it’s like to work for Ballards Removals, Storage and van hire.

Ballards – what makes us tick?

Established in 1978, Ballard’s have constantly strived to provide the very best in service led Removals, Storage and Van Hire. Initially focusing on specialist domestic and commercial removals, Ballards have evolved into the provision of a comprehensive portfolio of secure storage and logistics solutions, including a fleet of hire vehicles.

Founded by Richard and Janette Ballard, today’s company remains privately owned and proactively managed by two generations of the family, who continue to instil the same “can do” attitude in the now fifty strong workforce that helped the company grow from its first removals lorry, to one of the UK’s most well respected removals and logistics organisations.

Over August Bank holiday this year we moved into to our brand new facility, after months of planning. Whilst inevitably devoting a lot of time to Ballards relocation, it was critical to us to keep business coming in at the same or higher levels than before, whilst maintaining our service standards and ensuring that our team members had the resources they needed to do what they do best – deliver excellent customer service.

What it’s like to work for Ballards

We have a well-rounded, long standing work force of nearly 50 people, who enjoy their work. Our values and expectations are cascaded through the work force and are very clear. Whilst a modern thinking company, Ballards have traditional views when it comes to good manners and taking care of our customers and each other – our business is built on its reputation and the reputation is built by the team.

All of our team are trained to do their jobs effectively and given opportunities to progress within the company. Regular training and assessments take place, with clear communication of our expectations and regular evaluation and feedback.  By doing this, we know that our people are fully competent and we can put our trust in them to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Management and development

The day to day operations are run by Matt and Joe Ballard. As our team continues to grow, we take the time to get to know our people and what motivates them. We have a very open management style, always available for a chat and our mobile phones are always on.

We have a strong culture of promoting from within. Our industry requires a skill set that is unique and there is a clear progression plan for people with the right attributes and commitment.

We have several Removal Men that joined us straight from School who are now Class 1 European Drivers/ supervisors/ foremen. Our operations manager started with us as a porter as did our warehouse manager. Our Corporate Account Manager came to us for two weeks work experience twelve years ago! Family members like Matt and Joe have followed the same route, from the bottom up. There isn’t a role within the company that a family member hasn’t covered.

We retain our team by offering a secure, year round, salaried employment – no casual working or zero hours contracts, unlike others in our industry. We strongly believe in treating people well and paying them a fair rate for the job.

At Ballards, we take the responsibility of employing people very seriously and really care about the wellbeing of everyone around us. That’s what helps us to deliver the highest service standards in our industry and also what creates careers at Ballards, not just jobs.

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