Ballards new removals hub – safe and secure

Ballards New hub under construction

Everything is going exactly to plan and, later this year, we will be relocating or removals, storage and van hire operations to our new purpose built site at Markham Moor.

As you can see in this video, most of the structural work has now been completed and our contractors are moving on to the second fixing stage in the warehouse and office building.

The whole site promises to be clean and airy, with its own unique character and we’ve been looking into practical but “different” options for walls and floors which will really make this a Ballards building through and through and a welcoming place for a staff and customers.

We’re installing security cameras, fire alarms and burglar alarms to ensure that we provide a fully secure and safe environment for our customers furniture and possession once the new hub is open. Meanwhile the site is fully secured with security personnel on site and a dedicated weekend watchman who is hoping that the good weather we’ve had recently continues for the rest of the summer!

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