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  • Classic car storage
  • Classic car storage

We offer a safe, secure parking facility for your car, whether it’s a high-value classic vehicle, off the road or a surplus pool car.

From classic cars to pool cars… we’ll keep them safe and secure

There are lots of reasons people need to keep a car away from home. Modern garages and driveways don’t always offer a lot of space, and you need this to store your car for everyday use.

But if own you a classic car you use occasionally or at events, you’ll need a safe car storage facility to keep it, especially if it’s a high-value vehicle. Some of our customers enjoy working on these cars as projects. Or perhaps you have a SORN (untaxed) vehicle you need to store offroad.

Businesses also occasionally have surplus pool cars and need a safe place to keep them.

Ballards car storage facilities in the East Midlands, just off the A1, offer a safe, secure environment for your vehicle. Choose outdoor parking or have your car warm and dry in a storage container, which you can access at any time. All areas are secured and floodlit with manned CCTV.

To discuss your vehicle storage needs, please call us on 01777 871871

Finding Us

We are based in Markham Moor, near Newark. We can also provide storage containers delivered to you.

Ballards Business Park, Old London Road, Markham Moor, Retford, Nottinghamshire, DN22 0TE

Call: 01777 871871

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