Your 4 Phase Guide To Making Moving With Kids Easy

With a history spanning over more than 40 years, we’ve gotten some key insight over the years into proven methods for keeping the kids calm before, during and after moving house – knowledge we’re sharing with you in this blog post.

Moving Home is a life event that has an immense amount of stress attached to it – no matter how well you plan for it or what precautions you put in place there will always be something that can creep up. 

A house move impacts everyone, which means the stress does too. Aside from all packing, storing and planning, parents are still left to face some difficult questions: How do you know if your children are adjusting to their new school? How are they going to feel about adjusting to an unfamiliar home? How will they react to not seeing the friends they’d made while in your old home?

But there is something that you can do – take a look through Ballard’s advice – simple yet effective tips to help make moving with kids virtually stress-free.

Security is essential

Children need to feel safe, and stability and consistency is key to ensuring that, which is why making sure that they understand the move is so important. Otherwise, the children watching as their belongings are carted away can be upsetting for them. That’s why we recommend getting the kids stuck in with the process, whether it’s packing a few belongings or watching belongings being taken in and out of the moving vehicle, it all helps towards putting their mind at rest.


Taking a positive outlook towards saying goodbye 

By involving the children in the house move, making sure they feel secure as you leave the old house behind and move into your new home, there are a few key tricks you can keep in mind.

A memories album can be a great place to start, as it allows them to have a collection full of pictures and adventures from the old house.

Once you arrive at your new house, set up playdates with children who live nearby so everyone can say hello and play together while getting used to this newfound space. It will help make saying goodbye less painful as well as for the kids to start feeling comfortable right away.


Let The Kids Embrace Their Inner Designers

A simple way to help younger kids better adjust to a new bedroom is by letting them put a mark on their new bedroom – easily done by letting them have input on colour schemes, decorations and furniture – this can help them feel comfy in every single square inch of the space.

It’s Summer Time!

Less disruption to schooling, lower stress levels and more time to prepare – Summer is the pivotal time when most families with children decide to take the leap and move.

Need a bit of breathing room to let you get on top of all that planning and packing, and a kids’ summer club may be the perfect answer.


Include Time For Friends

If you’re on the verge of moving, then your kids will probably be sad about having to leave their local friends behind. One way you can help them adjust is by taking some of the pressure off their shoulders and remembering that it’s important not only to make new friends but also to keep old ones! Plan a visit from one or two close pals after the move, so that your kids know you are taking action to make and set plans for them to see their friends even during these times of major life change.


Stay In Control

When you’re moving with kids, it’s important to stay as calm and in control of the situation as possible. Younger children tend to get stressed out when they move which can lead them into tantrums or making a mess! Keep your cool for their sake so that soon enough everything will be back on track again.


Moving Is An Adventure

It’s the start of something new, which is why it’s so important to make sure every member of the family is feeling that same buzz of excitement. To make this a reality, we’ve outlined these steps, to help you and your children, get accustomed to starting a new life in a brand new home after a virtually stressless move.

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