Why park your caravan on your drive?


Wouldn’t Gold Standard caravan storage be a better option?

Many caravan owners park their caravans on their drives during the summer, so they’re close at hand for cleaning and maintenance – and of course loading up and setting off for a holiday or a long weekend. This is what caravans are for after all, it’s great to get out on the road and go wherever fancy takes you!

Many caravans aren’t used over the winter months though, and many caravan owners leave them on their drives until spring when the urge to travel strikes again. But is it safe?

Caravan theft on the increase

The Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) reported an 23% increase in theft from outside a dwelling, which includes theft of caravans or parts of caravans parked outside of the home in 2018. See the report here.

A caravan parked on the driveway offers an open invitation to thieves, as it’s obvious what it is and as many thieves steal to order, they know what’s likely to be in it.

There are things you can do to make it more difficult to tow the caravan away, e.g. by immobilising it with high quality wheel clamps, and / or a security post, but break ins are hard to prevent and we’ve heard a lot of reports this year about theft of windows, furniture, batteries, toilet cassettes and personal property.

Is it legal to park your caravan on your drive?

It’s possible that it could be, depending on your deeds, and many properties on housing estates built from the 1970s onwards have covenants which prohibit the parking of caravans. Whether these could be enforced or not isn’t really clear and might depend on a number of factors, but your right to park your caravan could be challenged by a neighbour, particularly if they consider that it restricts their view when entering or exiting their own property. None of us like falling out with our neighbours, do we?

Safe and secure caravan and motorhome parking

If you know that you’re unlikely to use your caravan for a month or more, why not take it to a secure caravan facility, so you’ll know that whenever you’re ready to use it again, it will be exactly as you left it and ready for you to hitch up and drive off.

Or perhaps you don’t have a driveway or space of your own to park your caravan, in which case you need somewhere to store it where you know you can access it whenever you want to.

That’s where we can help.

CaSSOA Gold Award for Ballards Caravan Storage

We’ve stored many caravans over the years and our move to Ballards business Park, a couple of years ago, gave us the opportunity to expand our caravan storage area and improve our facilities to the highest level.

We are delighted to say that we’ve recently been awarded the Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA) Gold award, the highest standard available. The CaSSOA assesses features including CCTV, entry points, perimeter fencing and alarm systems, so by storing with Ballards, you can be confident that your caravan or motorhome will be kept safe and sound.

Find out more about Ballards caravan storage here.

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